SUCH GORGEOUS PROFILE. #Rob #RobertPattinson

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Feeling maligned like Tyrion? Wrathful like Joffrey? All Westeros affectations are now fully expressible via the ‘Game of Thronesemoji set from Elite Daily.

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«I wanted to have a fight which wasn’t the kind of stuff that you see nowadays where everyone suddenly seems to know kung fu or mixed martial arts. Vampire Krav Maga was not really what we were looking for.
It had to feel quite brutal. It’s an ugly-looking, exciting, dangerous fight. Really part of it is that it’s not much of a fight.

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I just think this is really cute and important.

curse I couldn’t find any bigger gifs!

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I ADORED the scene when Stoick reunited with Valka and the way he kissed her was so gentle and loving…

And the we get Hiccup freaking grabbing his awesome girlfriend and pulling her close before kissing her and I just…


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"c’mere you"

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♥Presenting all 7 of the Hiccup-Astrid kisses! Two from the original, one from the short, one from the TV show (Riders of Berk Ep 12), and three from the sequel! ♥

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There is a romance [between Astrid and Hiccup] but it’s neither here nor there, it’s not about her winning a husband. They share hunger for adventure, and doing the right thing, and that’s a healthy portrayal of a relationship. We’re teaching girls to look for their equal. It’s awesome.
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